Goals-Based Investing

Plan & Accomplish

Goals-Based Investing at Cochrell Financial

Goals-based investing means that you measure the progress of your portfolio toward specific life goals rather than focusing on generating the highest possible portfolio return or beating the market.

Goals-based investment planning clearly defines your future goals and dreams – and inspires you to save for them.

These milestone goals are different for everybody: Start a business. Retire early. Travel. Acquire a vacation home. Leave behind a nice inheritance. Our job is to help you achieve these goals, whatever they are. We will craft a financial plan that is specifically aimed to achieve your goals.

Our collaboration is not just an initial conversation. We remain in frequent contact to monitor your plan and to stay updated on the status of your life. Therefore, when we learn about changes in your family, home or career, we can adjust your financial plan in order to optimize the result and keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Goals-based investing plans are focused on you…not beating the market.

Tell us about the life you want

We’ll create the plan to help get you there.

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