Helping You Help Employees

Cochrell Financial can be your one, convenient resource to streamline retirement plan administration and manage risk. Our team helps you optimize your plan design, manage costs, and understand changing fiduciary duties with insights, resources, and reporting.

Whether your company is starting its first retirement plan or looking to transfer a long-established plan with millions of dollars in assets, we offer flexible plans and administration to meet your organization’s needs. We custom design plans to fit companies of all sizes – from those with a single employee to those with hundreds of plan participants.

Just imagine that we are seated next to you on the same side of the table. We are your advocate. Not all plans are alike, but as an independent financial advisory firm, our team can review many fund providers to find solutions that work best for your business, and benchmark plan success against industry peers.

Think of our process as Fees, Funds and Face Time


Cochrell Financial keeps fund, program and administrative costs down by building a fee structure that works for your business. We’ll clearly outline costs and services to make sure you understand what you are paying for and why. Select from a diversified investment offering and completely open architecture investing platform

As an independent firm, Cochrell Financial works with many investment providers which gives you more choices. We’ll identify places to save money, compare fees by industry type, company size, and find the fee structure that meets your needs.


Cochrell Financial is independent, free to choose the best of the best. In this way, we can create an all-star plan that meets the needs of your organization. Make planning easier with our professional help in choosing investments, our all-in-one lifecycle funds, and managed account services.

Another benefit of being an independent advisor: Our team gives you access to funds that are often exclusive to large institutions and corporations. So, no matter how big or small your organization is, we can give you more choices and flexibility.

Your funds are never just reviewed and forgotten. You don’t have to wonder if your plan is doing well or still competitive. We thoroughly review every plan at least once a year.

Face Time

Every plan will have a dedicated point person at Cochrell Financial who you may contact at any time with questions. Call us and you talk to a person, not an 800 number or a recording that refers you to a website.

It begins right away. Your employees will recognize us because we will be there, step-by-step, helping with paperwork and enrollment. When new employees join, we assist in transitioning from their previous plan and help them understand their new plan benefits. Our team will offer every employee access to technology to review their plan, which includes exclusive webcasts, newsletter, and insights on policies, regulations, and investment issues.

The Cochrell Financial team makes ourselves personally available by conducting in-person seminars on investing, saving for college or retirement and other topics. We will keep employees informed with personalized, targeted communications to help them develop confidence in their decisions and understand next steps.

A True Benefit for Your Employees

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that your retirement plan and all that it entails will be managed with expertise.

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